Top 5 Events to Give Up the Wheel — Perfect Scenarios for Personal Driving Services

Choosing whether or not to leave the keys at home for a day/night out can be an unneeded anxiety-inducer. Making this decision is much easier when you know that you have a safe and reliable alternative.

You can be torn in this decision making process because you don’t know what the day/night out will lead to. Here are 5 events where the debate can be put to rest. Hire a personal driver in all of the following scenarios to make your life easier.




Whether taking place during the day or the night (or both), music concerts are a great time to let loose and get away from the everyday routine. This is a setting where you can sing as loud as you can, in front of thousands of your peers, and get away with having zero vocal talent. Why not throw a couple cold ones back in the process? If the concert is big enough to warrant a parking lot tailgate, you know that driving home is going to be the last thing on your mind. Plus, how awesome will it be to have a personal driver waiting for you at the exit of the venue so you can just hop in and beat hours of gridlock traffic?!



You could be trying to create the magic of a first date. Or you could be attempting to enjoy a night out and away from the kids. Either way, you do not need any added pressure in situations like these. Look at the menu and treat yourself. Get that martini that dances around your dreams. That smoked barrel bourbon looks good, doesn’t it? These are the nights to focus on the one sitting across the table — loosen up and leave the safety to the professionals.


Birthday Parties


This may be the most obvious scenario in which you should avoid driving. Birthday parties can get wild. They are nights where groups of people will try to recreate the events that took place on their 21st birthday—no matter how many years have passed. Birthday celebrations can lead to anywhere, just make sure it’s not to the driver’s seat.


Poor Weather


After the winter that we have experienced, we know that driving can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Sometimes, however, driving is a necessity. Avoid the stress of slippery roads by arraigning for a professional to take you to where you need to be.


Traveling to the Airport


When it comes to traveling to the airport, nobody should be driving and parking their own car in the airport lot. This can be especially expensive and add onto traveling bills that are high in the first place. Even when you do have the few extra bucks to cover the cost of parking in an airport lot, it’s still a pain in the butt to get from the lot to the actual terminal. Often times the “walk” is a hike and nearly impossible with your luggage (and imagine if the weather is less than perfect). And when you are able to hitch a ride on the parking lot bus shuttle, it is usually crammed and less than comfortable. Save yourself the trouble and use a personal driver that can drop you off and pick you back up right at the terminal entrance.